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Hey there, are you new here? Doesn’t matter what you anwser. The point is that here you can find some beginner or pro tips for our server. So take a quick browse, and look at these helpful tips!



  • You can authenticate your account by logging in to the Lands of Minearchy website.
  • On the wiki page of the website you can not only find lore, but informative pages like this one!
  • All of our social’s can be found on the top of the website, including our Discord.
  • We have a page including all staff of Lands of Minearchy, as long as they have an account on our webpage.
  • On the website you can find a link to our store! If you like our stuff feel free to donate. (i am obligated to tell you donations are appreciated but not necessary.)
  • Donating to us via our store will also give you a rank! This will give you access to VIP rooms.
  • We have an active Dynmap for our SMP server.
  • You can vote for our server on different websites via the Vote page.
  • On the forum you can discuss stuff with other people aswell as read our news and announcements.
  • You can find some important commands to use in game on our Wiki.
  • On the home of the website you can find news written by staff, this news contains mostly updates on the server or website.



  • You can use a golden shovel in order to create a claim on some land.
  • At the spawn [/spawn] you can find some npc’s you can interact with to buy a random teleport in the overworld, nether or end (50, 100, 200 coins).
  • Around the spawn area, you can find some traders who are interested in giving you stuff for a price, whether this would be for emeralds, or other items.
  • The world of the smp is located inside of a 50k by 50k grid of blocks, this means there is a limit to how far you can travel in the world.
  • The SMP is on version 1.20+, this means you can get acces to all features of the Trails and Tales update.
  • If you defeat a hostile monster, they will drop coins wich you can use at the auction house or traders.

This page is being actively worked on and will most likely be done before begin August.