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The Depths

The Depths is a network of underwater caves and tunnels, permeating all three isles. While currently the Depths are located underwater, it might not have always been so. There are numerous ruins to be found in the tunnels, haunted by drownies – likely former inhabitants of these ruined buildings. 

It is possible that at some point this network of caves supported a subterranean civilization which was destroyed when an earthquake opened a passage from the ocean bed to the Depths and they were flooded as a result. 

Perhaps the Depths were always located underwater and these ruins are the remains of some underwater civilization, destroyed by an unknown doom. No one can say for sure, as there has been no recorded mention of any civilization inhabiting these caves. What is known, however, is that the Depths contain several rich veins of diamond. 

This has sparked many expeditions by various parties including Capear Trading Company in an attempt to survey and mine these valuable ores. In time, several underwater bases have been established, providing cozy if a bit claustrophobic habitats to a small team of researchers. There are numerous geothermal sources in the caves, which provide much needed oxygen to diving teams, as well as some illumination in the pitch dark of the Depths. This also hints at high seismic activity in this region. 

The caves are mostly populated by sea monsters and drownies, which makes exploration a quite risky undertaking, however there is always a steady line of new divers who hope to find diamonds and treasures in the ruins. 

Station I 

The first underwater base ever built in the Depths, very small and claustrophobic, but still houses a team of dedicated researchers. 

Station II 

The second underwater habitat built by Capear Trading Company. Officially it was accidentally destroyed in an alchemical experiment, but there is no way to be certain. 

Station III 

By far the largest underwater base established as a joint venture by several parties. It is mostly populated by explorers and scientists, but there is always an occasional trader or adventurer in their midst. Station III is a (relatively) technologically advanced facility, which serves as the forefront of nautical discovery. Exports: geological surveys, diamonds, coral, fish. Imports: normal food, equipment. Station IV A station near a dormant Corruption patch, built by an unknown party. While it appears to be a small trading post, in reality it is a laboratory dedicated to researching Corruption and its aspects. 

Ancient Corruption Patch 

A dormant Corruption patch has been discovered recently in the Depths. It appears to be dead (if the term is applicable), but no one can know for sure. It appears to be much older than “modern” Corruption haunting the isles, which raises many questions. Perhaps, Corruption has been summoned before in some bygone age and defeated via unknown means. If so, there must be some clues left around that could help defeat Corruption again.

Blackstone Depths 

A small cluster of caves made from a mysterious black mineral. This mineral seems to inhibit the growth of corals and sea pickles, rendering the cluster pitch dark. The Temple of Doom There are rumors of an ancient temple hidden somewhere in the Depths, but there are no verified accounts of its existence and no official expeditions as of yet ventured to find it.