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Elves are a largely isolationist people native to the island of Otroxia. They seek to live in harmony with nature, although various elven factions struggle with the exact interpretation of what that means.


Elven society is organised like a massive family with everyone in the same family being more or less related by blood. There are three families total: Thicket Family, Soulbog Family and the rogue Deadwood Family. Thicket Family embodies the “growth” part of life, while Soulbog Family embodies death, rot and rebirth. Deadwood family advocates severing this cycle, striving towards immortality through various means. This family is not officially recognized by the other two, but has sufficient presence to maintain their way of life. As the years go by, more and more Elves venture outside of Otroxia. following the stories of adventure, often dying in faraway lands and being denied rebirth. All three of Elven Families would pay handsomely, should someone bring these lost souls back home.


Elves rely on their great Spirit Tree to recycle the souls of the dead and let them be born anew. If an elf dies beyond the great tree’s reach, their soul will be stuck in a limbo until their remains are returned to Otroxia. Elves are intelligent, nimble and long lived, but somewhat frail, weak and lazy because of their slow metabolism. Elves are also descendants from the Merfolk, meaning they require high humidity and warm climates to normally function.


Nature spirit worship. The Great Elven Tree (To be expanded.)


Almost exclusively Otroxia.


Bio punk, “ebony towers”, Nature Caves or Nature Tree Structures.