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As The Salvation set up their bastion and the fountain’s enchanted waters started to flow the wizards found a great potential.

Formally named the “Soul Relic” or “Relic of Souls” the “Relic of Salvation” was summoned to the Lands of Minearchy.
Lorekeepers worked together with the most powerful wizards  among The Salvation to create a magical seal, capable of tapping into the potential of the “Soul Relic”.

Once complete the seal would act as a sort of fusing and filtering magical processor, allowing the fountain’s life-giving water to mix with the “Soul Relic” to partially rebirth and fuse souls.
The result of this was the spawning of many heroes, each infused with a part of a heroic soul.

Adventurers would end up following a somewhat similar path to their infused counterpart.
Heroes infused with great knights were bound by destiny to become talented swordsmen, and so on.