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The SMP is one of the lands here in Minearchy, here you can explore a world full of mobs and items. You can go in teams or fly solo in the giant landscape.

Play survival with multiple people or alone, with a lot of different biomes, such as mountains, swamps, cherry blossoms, grass lands, mesa’s and more! Explore buildings and structures in the vast planet of the SMP like mineshafts and ruins.

Find or create a portal to go into different dimensions like the Nether or End. You can fight special creatures there as well, such as the Ender Dragon: a fierce dragon protecting the obsidian pillars of the End Island. The Wither is a 3 headed entity which resembles the wither skeletons, the Wither has the ability of flight and can shoot its heads.

Back in the Overworld there's still a lot of stuff to do, so go ahead and explore the SMP, on the Lands of Minearchy.