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KitPVP is one of our stops in the Lands of Minearchy.

Here you will be greeted with a lobby on top of a floating island

Along with the stone buildings, is the shadow sword partially buried in the center of the island.

The shadow sword is an ancient relic of the lorekeepers, you can learn more about it here.


KitPVP includes 5 battle arena’s, each are very unique in their own way.

We have got the Great Library, its a small room filled with details and mystery. Many bookshelves fill this room.

The Cursed Hold is an eerie mansion-like building with multiple floors connected by elevators and stairs. It resembles an old hotel.

Devour is a slime themed arena, within the map are multiple ways to parkour in the area, a mysterious sword is seen cutting through the slime.

The Shadowed Bog is a lush swamp filled with tiny oasis’s. There’s a little hut containing the witch of the swamp.

Citadel’s End is a large concrete and stone citadel surrounded with a hard stone wall. One of the towers has been pierced through by a sword. The roofs and inner walls are partially made out of blackstone.


In this dimension we use kits to fight, kits are a set of items to assist you in battle.

From tridents to elytra, kits can include all sorts of buffs and tools.

As soon as the countdown ends, every person will fight it out in the map of choice.

Upon every death, you will respawn shortly after and have the choice to change kit. 


The KitPVP is available now in Lands of Minearchy!