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SkyBlock is one of the servers here in Lands of Minearchy. In skyblock you are stuck on an island with limited resources and need to explore. The island you appear to be stuck on could be a Jungle, Desert or even a Volcano.


You will have the choice of what island you will find yourself on. Each island has different items for grabs. Once you have chosen an island you can start collecting resources, build bases, explore…


You can show your island to other peole aswell by accepting a teleport request if they send one, and the other way around. You can talk to a certain NPC to warp to shops and/or farms. You can talk to the painter to obtain a canvas wich you can draw on. And the pet keeper allows you to obtain a pet wich will join you on your adventure.

You can select a class wich will give you certain perks, you can choose one in the hub. Luckily enough these perks apply on all survival servers.


At the Skyblock Spawn, you can do all of the things listed above and more! If Skyblock looks interesting to you, then join us at Lands of Minearchy.