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Welcome to the MiniGames server of Minearchy, here theres an entire assortment of games to play with friends and fellow server members.

We have 3 TNT minigames, namely being TNT run, TNT tag and Bomb Lobbers.

In TNT run you run on sand and gravel floors to try staying alive, every block you touch will fall. TNT tag however has you running from people who have a bomb on their head, if they punch you, you obtain the bomb and need to tag someone else before time runs out and the dynamite explodes. Last but not least in Bomb Lobbers you get a piece of TNT every couple of seconds, you can throw this explosive at the other team to destroy their island and kill them, beware of the other teams bombs though, avoid them at all cost.

The Lab and Party Games are both minigames containing ᵐᶦⁿᶦminigames, you will have a selection of a couple games and try to get the best score, each of these games are pretty short therefore the name ᵐᶦⁿᶦminigames 

There's a lot more MiniGames here on this server like Temple Run, Parkour, Prop hunt and more. Join the server to experience these fun activities with us!