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Varchia is first the main island.

It is mainly inhabited by humans and orcs.

Humans came as refugees from their homeland, Aphasia. Which was destroyed by volcanic activity.

When the Humans first arrived on Varchia they weren't greeted with open arms.
The Orcs didn't like that they had to share their island with this new species.

Many wars followed and there was no real winner, only losers.
Over time the Orcs and Humans grew more friendly towards each other. Orcs specialized in trading while the humans spent more time into politics.

Differences between the 2 species was slowly lost in generations of history, although Orcs still have a distinctly different appearance.

Humans brought a lot of domesticated plants and animals with them.
Some of these animals escaped and some of the plants were grown in the wild, they are now part of the local ecosystem.

Varchia has 3 Large cities and a lot of smaller settlements.
Oivarch - Large City based around the old wizard tree. Newly created after Old Oivarch was destroyed. This city has a lot of power and influence across the Lands of Minearchy.
Capear City - Main Orc City, has a lot of trade routes and has a booming economy. It has been here since the Ancient times.
Old Oivarch - First city created by the humans who settled on Varchia. Mostly destroyed by the Corruption Wars, only poor people and guard live here now.