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The hub is the starting point of Minearchy and is the central zone for our server.

In the hub, you can access the entirety of Minearchy via NPCs stationed in front of you when you join; Click on any of these NPCs to travel between the network.

The hub has a large variety of mini-games and features, including Parkour, rollercoasters, and various minigames scattered around.

Upon joining, you will be greeted with the view of the Magnus Opus of the hub, the LoreKeeper's Castle. This castle towers over the surrounding land, and in the centre of the castle lies a majestic throne room with extravagant detail and a grand library soon to come. 

The hub is also home to the Supporter lounge, a place in which supporters of the server can meet up and gain access to features, and holds many exclusive secrets on the LoreKeepers.