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The Labyrinth is a huge maze filled with secrets and surprises around each corner, some good, some bad, mostly bad. 


The Labyrinth starts out as a plain stone bricks maze but as you progress some new areas are visited, such as the smoldering lava area. In this eerie maze they are plenty of different monsters and creatures you’ll need to slay, some stronger than others. A good example of this would be the Candlemakers, these horrific undead creatures known as the Candlemakers are a powerful enemy for you. They, well, they create candles. Not much is known about these candles but they are very mysterious, some even heard sounds orbiting around them. If you see candles around they area, you know you’ll be in their territory.


The Candlemakers seem strong, because they are, but they are definitely not the most powerful enemy you’ll find yourself in front of. There are plenty of other godly entities you’ll fight. What? Are they too strong for you? Well we have a solution to that! You don’t need to go alone, bring some friends along! You don’t have to explore and fight alone. Fighting a boss alone is difficult, with some other warriors you can slay them easily.


The Labyrinth was originally made as an extra gamemode to apologise for RPG being unavailable due to an entire revamp, which is still currently being worked on. So visit the Labyrinth on Lands of Minearchy. The Labyrinth is currently in alpha.