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Minigame Update! over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

The Minearchy team have been hard at work to bring you new content mainly in the form of minigames! Some of you may have attended the play-test on the 1st of May but if not do not worry we have all the information for you here! The current list includes these games:

  • TNT Tag - Players with TNT have to tag others, players with the TNT when the timer goes off explode!

  • Prop Hunt - Hide as a block and try not to get found by seekers!

  • Temple Run - Race to the finish and earn coins as a bonus!

  • Mini Walls - You have 1 minute to prepare, kill the other teams withers and win the deathmatch at the end!

  • Splegg - Throw eggs to remove the ground below your opponents!

  • Bomb Lobbers - Throw TNT at the other team and try not to get hit by the TNT flying towards you!

  • Quake - A very fast paced shooter, move quickly or die!

  • TNT Run - The blocks fall as you run over them can you survive till the end?

  • Block Party - Stand on the correct blocks as music stops and the timer ticks down!

  • Party Games - Include many games and the person with the most points at the end wins! Including :

    • Pig Fishing - Fish the most pigs into your zone to win!

    • Avalanche - Hide under the wood and don’t get hit by the snow, PVP starts at round 10!

    • Trampolino - Jump on the trampoline and hit as many blocks as you can!

    • Punch the Bats - Punch as many bats as you can before the timer runs out, don’t forget the double jump to reach higher areas!

    • Minecart Racing - Shoot the wool to speed up your cart, first to the finish line wins!

    • Animal Slaughter - Kill the most animals to win but don’t hit the wrong ones!

    • Volcano - The blocks are disappearing underneath you, can you stay out of the lava?

    • Hoe Hoe Hoe - Hoe the biggest area of grass to win!

    • Frozen Floor - Punch other players off, the last to fall wins!

    • The Floor is Lava - Parkour to the end to win!

    • Jungle Jump - Parkour to the end to win!

We have many more in the works coming in the future such as more maps for both TNT Run and Bomb Lobbers along with the Elytra Challenge minigame! In time coin rewards will be added which will allow you to purchase items on the RPG and minigames servers.

1.0 Server Release over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!
We have another update! After a huge amount of work from the team the RPG server has been released, along with this comes the release of the hub and the islands server too!

Even more developments have been made and you can now try some minigames in the hub and develop your own private island.
Your island and RPG inventories will also sync so you can use the same items between the two! While there is much still in the works such as the minigames server, there is a huge amount to come and enjoy at play.landsofminearchy.com. So please come and try it out and invite your friends! As per usual if you would like to get more information on the server or if you want to just keep up to date with our progress join our discord at
https://discord.com/invite/ztaMmAJpnC .

- The Minearchy Team


Hub & Islands Release over 2 years ago

Hello everyone!
We are back with another update for all of you. It has been a while but thank you for your patience!

Hub Screenshot

Recently the team has been working on the main hub which includes minigames and an islands server. The new hub map looks amazing and has many activities to keep you occupied including parrot parkour, a rollercoaster mine and a boat racing minigame just to name a few! The bee transport system has been implemented in the hub to allow for easy movement.

The islands server provides you with a custom starter island which you can build and expand as much as you want! There are many missions to do which in turn will give you a chance to upgrade your island. Both the nether and the end will be available for you to explore, allowing for further exploration! Lastly there is an economy built in with a shop that you can both buy and sell items.

Do not fret the team has still been hard at work on the main server implementing amazing features including a vast amount of questlines to provide you with hours of content! The map has also been worked on with some smaller features being added such as caves to explore and much much more! A transport system is in the works to allow for easier movement over the vast server.


We are excited to see you all soon!

Update! over 2 years ago

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since we have posted an update and much has been done since. Many areas have been built such as the Necropolis, Old Oivarch, Herburg and many more.

Custom mobs have been added, such as the Brainslug (Video). Along with this, quests have been added and much more of the server has been developed. While this is a slow process, it is coming along well and we should hopefully have more exciting information to show to you soon!
Want to keep track with our updates? Feel free to join our discord in the top right of the screen or join our subreddit r/LandsOfMinearchy.

-The Minearchy Team


FAQ over 3 years ago

Q: What is Minearchy? 

A: It is a quest based adventure RPG Minecraft server set in medieval times.  


Q: What is the server IP?

A: play.landsofminearchy.com.


Q: How do I join the discord?

A: Via this link https://discord.gg/ztaMmAJpnC


Q: Is there a map of the server?

A: Yes, it's available here https://landsofminearchy.com/dynmap/ or in the Dynmap tab in the page header.


Q: Where can I find the store?

A: At https://landsofminearchy.com/store/ or you can click the Store tab in the page header.


Q: Is the server working?

A: You can check this via https://landsofminearchy.com/status/ or by clicking the Status tab in the page header.


Q: How can I apply for staff?

A: You can apply via this link   please keep in mind that it may take multiple days for your application to be processed. If your application is rejected you can reapply in 20 days


Q: How can I tell how many people are on the server?

A: By either using the Status page or checking the top left on any page of the Minearchy website.


Q: How does the quest system work?

A: You right click on the NPC that is offering the quest, they will then set you a task to complete such as finding a specific item. Once you have completed the quest return to them and right click again to either progress through the quest or to complete it.


If you have any other questions that have not been listed here please feel free to make a post on the forums and a staff member will help you as quickly as possible!