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Minigames Lobby, Voice Chat, KitPVP Enhancements, and Elytra Parkour!
2 minute read

We’re thrilled to unveil a series of updates across our server, designed to enhance your gaming experience and introduce new challenges and features. Here’s what’s new:

Voice Chat Support (Simple VoiceChat)

Enhance your gameplay with real-time communication! Coordinate strategies, celebrate victories, and forge stronger bonds with your teammates through network-wide VoiceChat support.

KitPVP Updates

Teams Selector: Customize your gaming experience with the KitPVP Teams Selector. Choose your team wisely and dominate the competition.

Team Leveling System: Level up your team for greater prowess on the battlefield. Reach Level 2 with 100 points and Level 3 with 1000 points. Every kill earns a point.

Improved Maps & Features: We’ve upgraded all existing KitPVP maps and added new areas for more exciting battles! Explore the improved terrains and fresh locations now. Plus, enjoy a brand-new Lobby map to elevate your experience.

Skyhunter Kit: The Skyhunter kit has been nerfed for balanced gameplay.

Teams Slogans:

RED Team: "Embrace the fire within, ignite victory!"

BLUE Team: "Unleash the power of the deep, conquer the waves!"

GREEN Team: "Harness the strength of nature, bloom with triumph!"

WHITE Team (No Team): "Forge your own destiny, carve your path to glory!"

Elytra Parkour

Attention parkour enthusiasts! We’re introducing Elytra Parkour with six thrilling modes:

Default: Start with no special modifiers.

Obstacle: Navigate through randomly generated obstacles.

Time Trial: Race against the clock on specific seed-generated maps.

Speed Demon: Compete to reach the highest speeds.

Min Speed: Maintain a minimum speed to avoid resets.

Close: Stay within a tight radius of the blocks.

Customization Options:

Style: Choose various block types.

Radius: Adjust the parkour area size.

Time: Visual time indicators.

Seed: Custom or random seed selection.

Fall Notification: Extra info messages on reset.

Info Display: Toggle additional gameplay insights.

Spread your wings and conquer the skies in Elytra Parkour today!

Discover Our Enchanting Minigames Lobby!

Explore the towering Clocktower, winding Bridges, and hidden Cathedral. Crafted by Manofdutch & Minearchy Staff.

Dive into these exciting updates and gear up for epic battles and thrilling adventures ahead!

-- Minearchy Staff

Images: Minigames Lobby, KitPvP Lobby, KitPvP Maps

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