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Minearchy Classes & Skills Guide [Official]
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The Warrior, robustly experienced with melee weapons. Disciplined and prepared to shrug off many blows. However, it lacks any particular strengths, weaknesses and quirks. Warrior class is reliable, but does not excel at anything in particular.



50% more EXP for Swords/Axes and Acrobatics. Has a chance to dodge incoming attacks. Sometimers counterattacks with a blade. Has a chance for critical hits with an axe. Skills absent: Archery, Herbalism, Alchemy, Taming and Unarmed.


  • Rascal

  • Warlord

  • Blade



Merciless and relentless, the Hunter is skilled with a bow like no other, but is lacking in melee combat both due to the lack of melee weapon training and natural fragility. For this reason, the Hunter employs a pack of loyal hounds, ready to rip apart any prey that gets too bold.




  • Skirmisher

  • Predator

  • Houndmaster



This Hero specializes primarily in axe combat. The Berserk has a powerful Skull Splitter mode (right click + Shift to activate)



50% more EXP towards Axes and Acrobatics. Much faster cooldown for all Active Abilities. They also las 12 seconds more. May launch enemies flying. Can dodge some incoming attacks. Skills absent:  Archery, Herbalism, Alchemy, Taming, Unarmed, Swords.



  • Lunatic 

  • Slayer 

  • Brute



Never particularly skilled in direct confrontations, this Hero fights with knowledge instead. Able to pick apart even the most sophisticated equipment and learn its secrets, as well as efficiently maintain their own tools, the Artificer is quite versatile and should not be underestimated. 



66% more EXP for Repair as well as 50% more for Smelting and Salvage. Proficient with all weapons, but has no special abilities. Can cheaply and efficiently repair items using Iron Blocks and strip them for components using Gold Blocks. Skills absent: Acrobatics, Herbalism, Alchemy, Taming, Unarmed.



  • Master Smith

  • Inventor

  • Artisan



Once part of a peaceful order, the Druid is now being summoned by the Fountain to fight the ever-growing threats to the Lands of Minearchy. The Druids has a unique connection to nature, allowing them to harvest much more herbs than an ordinary person would and brew tinctures. The Druid can also summon wild wolves to fight by their side. Finally, they can defend themselves with a sturdy battle axe and even use the lesser version of the Berserk's Skull Splitter.



50% more EXP for Herbalism, Taming and Alchemy. Can brew powerful potions. The Druid’s wolves can throw enemies in the air. Also wolves gain a magical shield, allowing them to absorb magic damage as health. Skills absent: Archery, Swords, Acrobatics, Unarmed.



  • Zoolatrist

  • Shaman

  • Beast



Does this Hero have any Dwarves among their ancestors? The history may never know, but the greed of the Prospector knows no equals. Indeed, this Hero can sniff out gold and treasure practically anywhere at any time. To defend their riches, the Prospector can use a sword and a bow. Their technique might be lacking but they fight dirty.



50% EXP more for Mining, Herbalism, Excavation, Fishing and Woodcutting. Proficient with blades, can inflict bleeding, also savvy with bows and can daze other Heroes. Discovers wonderful treasures while gathering resources. Skills absent: Unarmed, Alchemy, Taming, Axes.



  • Bandit

  • Hoarder

  • Gatherer 



It is often said that a truly talented person is talented in all things, and nothing could be more true about the Polymath. This Hero knows a great deal, yet ready to learn so much more! As such no Skill is  gated off for them and they enjoy powerful bonuses to learning speed. However, the knowledge of the Polymath is so expansive that sometimes they have trouble keeping it all in their head. Each time the Polymath dies, they forget some of what they have learned and must recollect it through rigorous training.



All Skills unlocked and gain 150% more EXP. However, most Active Abilities and passives are unavailable. Also, some EXP is getting lost every time the Hero dies. Skills absent: Unarmed.



  • Genius

  • Prodigy

  • Tactician 



Ancient tales speak of a monastic order haling from Aphasia, the birthplace of humanity. They were founded when a group of mercenaries swore to never take up arms again, live off the land and not defile the natures’ beauty with mining or excavating. Their followers have learnt to defend themselves and the innocent while abiding by this oath: special training allows them to attain inhuman strength and agility. 



Only skills in Unarmed, Fishing, Herbalism, Alchemy and Acrobatics. 60% more EXP for all these skills. This Hero can deflects# arrows and disarm opponents with their bare hands.




  • Grieving One

  • Balanced One

  • Apostate




Experience in Acrobatics is gained by taking fall damage, successfully rolling on the ground, or successfully dodging attacks.


Passive Abilities:


Rolling is a passive skill which allows the player to reduce fall damage. Every level, the chance for a successful roll increases by 0.1%, with a maximum chance of 100% at level 1000. As rolling is a passive skill, it will be activated simply by taking fall damage. When activated, it can negate up to 7 damage points, or 3.5 hearts. Graceful Roll is an active skill; it is activated by sneaking (Shift key by default) while falling. It is only effective if the sneaking is started 20 blocks or fewer before impact. It can negate up to 14 damage points, or 7 hearts. As of version 2.1.0, Roll and Graceful Roll are considered the same skill, although both mechanics are still there.



Dodging is a passive skill that halves combat damage taken; this includes Creeper explosions, Skeleton arrows, etc. Its max chance is 20%, at level 800; each level its chance increased by 0.025%.


Active Abilities:

Graceful Landing

Graceful Landing is an ability that allows you to negate most of fall damage when sneaking.



Experience is gained by dealing damage with a bow and arrows based on how far they are from their target.


Passive Abilities:


Daze is an effect that can trigger on some of the player's shots, causing their enemy to feel nauseated. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases the chance to daze their opponent. This effect does not work on mobs.

Daze inflicts Nausea on the target for 6 seconds and deals 4 additional damage. Nausea only affects players and has no effect on non-player mobs.

The chance of Daze occurring is 0.05% per hit per level, capping at 50% at level 1000. This is equal to 1% every 20 levels.


Bonus Damage:

Your archery damage increases 10% every 50 archery levels, to a maximum buff of 200% at level 1000. The damage from Skillshot caps at 9 damage, effectively preventing 1 shot kills in PvP.


Arrow Retrieval

Retrieve is an archer's ability to shoot without losing their arrows. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases their chance to recover the arrows that they fired. This is useful if you do not have Infinity on your bow.

Axes (Combat)


Hitting a naturally spawned mob yields experience according to the damage you deal to the mob times its multiplier.


Passive Abilities:

Critical Strike

Critical Strikes double the amount of damage you deal with your axe. This is great for eliminating high defense targets. The ability starts max out at 50%.


Axe Mastery

Axe Mastery inflicts more damage dependent on axe level. Axe mastery increases damage done from axes by 0.02 per level, capping at +4 bonus damage at level 200.


Armor Impact

Armor Impact increases the amount of damage an axe does to armor. This perk starts with an armor damage bonus, increasing by 0.02% per level in axes.


Greater Impact

Greater Impact is a passive skill which in battle against mob armor, adds 2 extra damage (1 heart). Greater Impact also adds an extreme Knockback effect similar to Knockback II on a sword and makes an explosive sound when activated. Greater Impact has a 25% chance of being triggered each hit.


Active Abilities:

Skull Splitter

With an Axe held in your hand, you can right-click a block, making your active ability ready for use. The ability will then get activated by hitting Mobs/Players.This ability works for a limited amount of time starting out at 2 seconds, increasing by 1 second every 50 levels.



You level up by digging materials that are mined faster with a shovel.


WIP Wiki is outdated.


Passive Skills:



Active Skills:

Giga Drill Breaker





Each successful catch with a fishing rod will gain you some xp.


Passive Abilities:

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is an ability that increases the chance to give useful items when fishing.


Magic Hunter

Magic Hunter is an ability that allows armor and tools obtained from Treasure Hunter to be enchanted.

Magic Hunter is able to catch tools and armor with enchantment combinations that are unavailable by normal means, such as Silk Touch and Fortune together or Smite and Bane of Arthropods together.


Master Angler

Master Angler is unlocked at level 125 and can grant 2 different multipliers for your bite chance. The bite chance is 0.2% per tick. This chance can be increased by either being in a river or ocean biome, being in a boat, or fishing during rain. All of these methods stack.



Shake is an ability that can pull drops and held items from mobs by hooking them with a fishing rod. It can be used repeatedly for a large number of items depending on the remaining health of the mob. However, this reduces the durability of the fishing rod drastically. The fishing rod, when used in this method, will always deal damage equivalent to 25% of the maximum health of the mob. Keep this in mind when fighting tougher creatures such as Iron Golems, as a single shake will deal a considerable amount of damage. If fighting tiny magma cubes it will kill the mob.


Fisherman's Diet

This passive skill increases the amount of hunger that fished food will restore as the player's Fishing level increases. One hunger is half of a piece of meat on the hunger bar.



You gain xp by harvesting plants and crops, excluding trees and other more structural occurences of plants.


Passive Abilities:

Green Thumb

Green Thumb has the ability to more rapidly progress the growth of all single-block crops.



Shroom Thumb

Wheat/Carrots/Potatoes/Nether Wart/Beetroot

Using a mushroom on a block of dirt while both a red and brown mushroom are in the inventory triggers "Shroom Thumb". It consumes a red and brown mushroom, and has a chance to turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium. The chances of success increases with Herbalism level.


Farmer's Diet

This ability increases the amount of hunger that grown food will restore as the player's Herbalism level increases. One hunger is half of a piece of meat on the hunger bar.


Hylian Luck

Hylian Luck gives a small chance to obtain special items when certain blocks are broken with a sword. Currently, the blocks that are affected by this are:

  • Grass (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)

  • Saplings (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)

  • Dead Bushes (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)

  • Flowers (Potatoes, carrots, apples)

The chance for a drop goes up by 0.01% every level. However, the stats menu only displays whole percentage points. At Level 1000, the chances are 10%.


Double Drops

This skill doubles the drops obtained from crops and plants. The chance is increased by 0.1% each Level, mathematically guaranteeing double drops at level 1000.


Active Abilities:

Green Terra

Right-clicking empty farmland and breaking a plant or crop after Herbalism Level 50 activates the super move Green Terra. It increases in duration at certain levels. It has a cooldown of 240 seconds.

High chance to triple all drops from harvested plants or crops, including seeds.

For farming, a potential to replant numerous seeds for free during the skill duration, saving time and seeds.

Consumes 1 wheat Seed to convert one of the following blocks:

  • Cobblestone into Mossy Cobblestone

  • Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick

  • Dirt into Grass





Each block that can be mined with a pickaxe gives xp.


Passive Abilities:

Double Drops

Double drops is an ability that allows the player to gain two items instead of the usual one when mining any naturally generated block found in the experience table below. The odds of this happening increase by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000. It does not stack with the Fortune enchantment, but does work with Silk Touch.


Blast Mining

Bonuses to mining with TNT

Locked until level 125 mining

Instead of using a pickaxe to break blocks, Blast Mining utilizes TNT to destroy and mine blocks. It is activated by using a flint & steel outside of the standard ignition range (shift and right-click the air between yourself and the TNT). Unlike ignition in vanilla, the TNT explodes instantly.

With Blast Mining, the range at which the TNT ignites is extended. Higher Mining levels will yield more ores and less debris. By default, TNT drops 30% of what is blown up, and is increased further with each level.


Bigger Bombs

Increases TNT explosion radius

Locked until level 375 mining

The Bigger Bombs ability increases the explosive range of TNT ignited with Blast Mining. At level 375, it adds 2 to the radius of the explosion. At level 625, this bonus is increased to 3. And at level 875, the radius gains its maximum bonus of 4. Without this ability, TNT has a radius of 6.9.


Demolitions Expertise

Decreases damage from TNT explosions

Locked until level 500 mining

Demolitions expertise is a passive ability that reduces the damage done by TNT with Blast Mining by 25%. At level 750, the damage is decreased by 50%. At level 1000, damage reduction is 100%.

Note that TNT ignited through standard means still causes harm, and only when ignited through Blast Mining is the damage negated.


Active Abilities:

Super Breaker

Unlocked by reaching level 50.

Speed + Triple drop chance

Super Breaker (activated by right-clicking with a pickaxe in hand), will temporarily add 5 Efficiency levels to the held pickaxe, triple the double drop rate, and replace normal-rate double drops with triple drops. In other words, Super Breaker stacks with fortune 3 enchantments.

The duration of the skill starts at 2 seconds, and increases by 1 second every 50 levels. There is no maximum duration. Like all skills, its default cooldown time is 240 seconds. The effects and duration of this Super Move can be altered in the server config, along with other information on this page. Unequipping the pickaxe will cause the remaining time with the ability to be wasted and cooldown time to start sooner.



XP is gained by using the repair skill.

You can repair items by Using an iron block and right-clicking it with the item you would like to repair in your hand. The higher the level, the more durability is restored. Every time you repair an item, it consumes a singular amount of the material the item was made of. Repair does not require all of the materials an item was made of, only the primary (e.g. repairing an iron pickaxe only requires an iron ingot, but no sticks).


Passive Abilities:

Arcane Forging

Arcane Forging is used to keep enchantments on items after repairing them, It starts at level 1 of the Repair skill. At a 10% success chance, this is the level at which Arcane Forging starts.

Each level afterwards adds a small % increase. such as at level 125 you gain a 10%, level 250 a 20%, at level 750 you get a 50% cap.

Along with this, there is a chance for a downgrade on the enchantment.


Active Abilities:


For each repair, the experience gained is the amount of durability restored multiplied by the value of the material in the chart below. All armor of a material type has the same multiplier.

Tools, however, have a multiplier based on the number of material components of the tool (1, 2, or 3 pieces). This is because all tools of the same material have the same durability, whereas armor durability scales with the number of components.

Experience is only awarded for durability restored; any restoration beyond maximum is ignored, making repairing near-perfect items inefficient.



Earn XP by dealing damage to mobs and  other players.


Passive Abilities:


Causes enemies to take damage every two seconds. If you apply Rupture to a mob, it will bleed until the effect wears off or death, whichever comes first. The duration of the bleed is increased by your sword skill.

At level 1000, Rupture will last for 6 seconds damaging 1/2 heart per second, for a total of 3 hearts. The chance to apply Rupture is 0.1% for every skill level in Swords, with a max cap of 75% at level 750.

Rupture normally lasts for two seconds, however if your Swords skill is above 750 it will last for one tick longer than normal.

Ruptures can have their duration increased if another Rupture is applied.


Counter Attack

A counterattack takes damage dealt to you and returns half to the attacking person or crowd. It won't work if you have half a heart left. The chance to counterattack depends on your Swords level and increases the level by up to 31%.


Active Abilities:

Serrated Strikes

Right clicking the mouse activates this ability, allowing the attacking player to cause a bleed effect; the effect time is based on the Swords level of the user.





You gain XP by taming mobs, you also get XP when your tamed wolves attack mobs.


Passive Abilities:

Environmentally Aware (100+)

The skill "Environmentally Aware" comes after your taming reaches past level 100. This skill grants your summoned wolves the ability of teleporting to you when nearing cacti or lava. This also allows your wolf to be immune to fall damage. It is a hidden skill that improves the usefulness of wolves drastically.


Gore (150+)

Whenever tamed wolves attack a target, there is a chance that they will inflict a critical strike that applies bleed. The chance goes up 1% per ten levels to get a Gore, to a maximum of 100% at level 1000. This passive is extraordinary for PVP as it will deal 2 hearts of damage to your target. This means that if you're attacking a protection 4 diamond armor player, 5 lucky hits will kill him. As your skill rises, lucky hits will slowly become regular hits.


Pummel (200+)

When dogs attack there is a chance of knockback.


Fast Food Service (200+)

Fast Food Service gives a 50% chance for your wolves to heal on attack, and to give you minor food.


Thick Fur (250+)

With Thick Fur, your wolves take 1/2 damage and the plugin says that your wolf will get fire resistance but this is not true. Your wolf will just teleport to you if he was hit by fire or lava (bows with the flame enchantment and swords with fire aspect will not make your wolf teleport). The best skill by far when you want your wolves to survive.


Holy Hound (350+)

Holy Hound causes your wolves to be healed with poison and magic.


Shock Proof (500+)

Shock Proof causes your wolves to take 1/6 damage from explosions.


Sharpened Claws (750+)

Sharpened Claws makes your wolves deal an extra four damage per hit (2 hearts). Dealing a total of 10 damage (5 hearts).


Active Abilities:

Call of the Wild

Summons an animal to your side. To use it, hold 10 bones for a wolf, 10 raw fish for an ocelot or 10 apples for a horse and then left click into the air while sneaking. (Shift)

Mobs summoned with "Call of the Wild" will be named in accordance to your in-game name. For example, if your name in minecraft was "Steve" then your wolf will be named "Steve's wolf."

Summoning animals does not grant Exp in the taming skill, as opposed to taming the animals yourself

Call of the Wild will not work if you or anyone else has an existing wolf within 40 blocks of you (can be changed in config).

This skill is one of the most useful in PVP. By bringing a stack of bones, you can easily summon wolves when in the middle of battle, as opposed to having one wolf trail you wherever you go.


Beast Lore

This skill allows you to inspect your wolves, horses or ocelots by left-clicking them with a bone. Note that left-clicking with anything else will damage your wolf, horse or ocelot.




You gain XP by using an axe on a tree or log to cut it down.

Passive Abilities:

Leaf Blower

Blow away leaves

Locked until level 15 woodcutting

Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks to break instantly when hit with an axe. When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling. The leaves do durability damage to the axe and make a popping sound when broken.


Double Drops

Double the normal loot.

Double drops is a passive skill that allows you to gain two items instead of one when chopping any log or giant mushroom block that was either generated by the world or grown. The chance to get double drops increases by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000.


Active Abilities:

Tree Feller

Locked until level 5 woodcutting

Make trees explode.

Tree Feller is an active skill that allows you to chop down entire trees by only breaking one block. To use Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe to ready your tool. With the tool ready, chop a block of wood or giant mushroom to activate the skill. Tree Feller only breaks blocks at the same height and higher than the block that is chopped, so cutting the middle of a tree will leave a stump. At level 0, tree feller is unavailable, it unlocks at level 5, and it increases by 1 second every 5 levels. This gives it a max duration of 22 seconds at level 100. The ability has a cooldown between uses that lasts 240 seconds (4 minutes). Tree feller does not break trees larger than 500 blocks by default and at lower levels, it breaks much less.


When using Tree Feller, the durability of one's axe will be decreased by as much as if each log/huge mushroom block had been broken individually. If one's axe should break while Tree Feller is active, the user will suffer eight damage and a message will appear reading, "Your axe splinters into dozens of pieces!". The surrounding logs/huge mushroom blocks will remain intact, apart from the one on which the axe was broken.


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